Hello, My Name Is…

Kelly Elise.

I won’t pretend to be the girl with the smile, with the style, with the perfect life. In fact, most of the time my expression is more of a glare, my “style” predominantly consists of tennis shoes and sports gear, and perfection has never been a desire of mine. Life is messy. The kind of messy that you encounter after a few bottles of wine, a few bad decisions, a few dead-ends. Without the mess how do you appreciate the moments of purity or the moments when life just clicks? Those moments are the stories we like to tell, but for me, the mess is much more interesting.


I’m 31; however, some days I feel like I’m 81. That being said, I can’t really complain. I have food to eat, a bed to sleep in, and remarkable friends and family to drink with. Oh and my dog… I freaking love my dog! My life has followed an erratic path like most people with peaks and valleys along the way. The musings you will read in this blog will hopefully allow you to see the full spectrum of my life: the journeys, the status quo, the happiest of moments and the hardships. These are the truths of life, the reasons we fight for what we love, and give up on what we think we don’t deserve.


My Interests

I’m a nerd, a jock, and a wanderer.



I love to be completely immersed in the story of a book. From the classics to comics, a good story can transport me to another time, place, or dimension. I love comics and science fiction, a place where the imagination gets to roam free without the boundaries of today’s reality. I usually have two or three books with me when I travel, and I can’t help stopping in every bookstore I pass by.


Much of my life has been devoted to sports. Growing up I played softball, soccer, and track and field. My life forever changed when a friend introduced me to the sport of dodgeball at the tender age of 21. Of course I knew of the sport and had seen the movie, but I was not prepared for how it would transform my life forever. Most of my closets friends have originated from dodgeball. I have met the most inspiring and passionate people by playing a sport that encourages throwing balls as hard as possible at another person. We will delve more into that in the future, but for now, just know dodgeball is not “just a kids game”, and the skill and dedication it takes to be a top player is like any professional sport you may know.


My heart feels a constant desire for exploration. The diversity of culture and nature on Earth is breathtaking. I am constantly inspired when I see the architecture of the past, the art and music of today, and the ideas of future generations for tomorrow. Nothing has opened my mind and heart more than travel.


Welcome to The Kurious Case of Kelly Elise.


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