Barnstable Harbor: A day trip to remember

Boston is a popular New England vacation hotspot, and I have had the pleasure to travel to the city twice in recent years. During my last visit I decided to take a friend up on a deep sea fishing trip in Barnstable Harbor. Being from the Cape Cod area, my friend had been trying to convince a group of us to make the trip for some time. He would go on and on about how beautiful it was and how much fun it would be out on the boat. Luckily for all of us…he was right.


Waking up at 4am isn’t always desirable when on vacation, but for our two-hour journey to Barnstable it was worth it. One quick stop at a Dunkin Donuts and we were ready to go. We got to Barnstable Harbor around 6am and found our charter boat, Aquarius, waiting for us at the docks. After loading up our cooler and snacks, a must have for a six hour fishing trip, we were leaving the port and heading to open ocean.


The next six hours were filled with laughs, drinks, and a lot of jigging. Don’t know what jigging is? Don’t worry I didn’t either, but it’s a technique used to catch fish. I let most of my friends do all the work while I enjoyed the scenery and snapped pictures of our day. It’s hard not to find a sense of peace when you’re out on the open water like that.


As our adventure neared its end, I finally took my turn trying to catch what lay beneath the surface of the calm water. After about 15 minutes I got a bite. As I reeled in what would become our fresh caught dinner, I couldn’t help but think about how the guys would never let me live it down if I couldn’t get it in by myself. I struggled at times, but finally pulled the striped bass out of the water. It was the second largest fish we had caught that day!


We headed back to the harbor with two large striped bass as proof of our adventure. The boat ride back was calmer and even more beautiful than on the way out. I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but of course I forgot the most important picture of all of us together. Guess we will just have to do it again soon!


If you are ever in Boston and looking for a quick day trip away from the city, head to Barnstable Harbor. Look up Captain Kevin and his crew at Aquarius Sportfishing, and enjoy a day with friends and family.

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